Can Launch-With orgs pick and choose which individual workflows they wish to support?

I was wondering if organizations that publish a subset of workflows in a framework (WDL/Nextflow/CWL) can choose to support Launch-With of those individually or do they have to support every workflow in that framework?


Hello @leipzig,

The appearance of the Launch-With buttons is automatic, based on the workflow language and what Launch-With partners support that language.

Are you asking for the ability to suppress certain Launch-With buttons for certain workflows? For example, if I publish a workflow in WDL, that I have the option to not display some combination of the Terra, DNAstack, etc. buttons with my workflow?

If that’s not what you mean, can you please clarify?



Yes, that makes sense. I mean at this point we just want to support running workflows we have curated and that support certain downstream features on our portal. But I do understand that is not very open-minded and probably runs contrary to GA4GH principles.