Cannot refresh .dockstore.yml workflows

I recently installed the Dockstore github app on my repo, and have linked my workflow to Dockstore. When I attempt to refresh my organization, I continually get the following error:

warning The webservice encountered an error.
[HTTP 400] OK: Cannot refresh .dockstore.yml workflows

I’m guessing that whatever is causing this, is likely what is also keeping my workflow from being validated?

My yml can be found here

Thanks for the help!

Hi @Alang,

This is actually not a problem!
Workflows added via the Dockstore GitHub App will automatically update whenever the GitHub repo updates - there is no “Refresh” for those workflows on the Dockstore-side.

Anyhow, this does seem like a confusing message for users refreshing an organization, so we’ll probably consider making it look less like an error…


Ah, thanks @gfjhogue. That does make sense. Initially, I was running into some issue with it auto-syncing from GitHub, though that seems to have become more clear now.