CWL & WDL support for the same pipeline

Hello All,

We currently have a CWL workflow for which we are attempting to add WDL support. It seems that Dockstore allows you specify a workflow as either CWL or WDL. Is there a way to specify that the workflow has support for both? How do others handle having support for both languages?

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Hi Juan!

That’s great that you’re hoping to support multiple languages for the same workflow! We definitely want to support folks who are aiming for the most reusable and reproducible workflows and supporting multiple languages is a great step in that direction.

Currently the best way to support this use case would be to specify both workflows separately in your .dockstore.yml.

For example:

version: 1.2
  - subclass: WDL
    primaryDescriptorPath: /workflow.wdl
    name: my-workflow-wdl
  - subclass: CWL
    primaryDescriptorPath: /workflow.cwl
    name: my-workflow-cwl

For more information on editing your .dockstore.yml check out:

If you have any issues getting your workflows represented properly in Dockstore feel free to reach out again on this thread.