Error reading .dockstore.yml message for new Github repository

Hi all,

I am trying to understand how to set up a workflow for syncing with Dockstore from scratch. I have a test repo GitHub - jason-cerrato/terra-workflow-test-AUG2022: Just to learn what it takes to set up a workflow on Github from scratch to put on Dockstore that I believe is set up correctly and the Dockstore app is installed. The Github App Logs are showing:

Error reading .dockstore.yml: No writable property 'version' on class: io.dockstore.common.yaml.DockstoreYaml10

Does anyone know what this message means? Many thanks!


You probably want .dockstore.yml schema version 1.2

You’ve specified schema version 1.0 which we’ve deprecated for quite a while.

Ah I thought that version referred to the WDL version. Thanks dyuen - I’ll give it a shot!

Just writing back to confirm that changing to version 1.2 fixed my issue. :smiley:

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