GitHub app missed tag event

We’re pushing new workflows to dockstore using some automation that creates new github repositories and tags.
This worked fine for the first 4 workflows, but the fifth workflow is detected only on the master branch, but the v0.1 tag is missing. Is that something you can look into on your side ?


I took a brief look and resent the github app event. It seems to have gone through. Not sure why it didn’t work the first time.

I did see that the event for main and the event for 0.1 was extremely close together, so it might be a variant/regression for Consecutive releases on GitHub not always making it to Dockstore · Issue #3689 · dockstore/dockstore · GitHub

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Added Possible variant of consecutive releases issue · Issue #4071 · dockstore/dockstore · GitHub to track

That could well be. We’re scripting the repository creation and release tagging. If all is working well (we have a minor bug where we need to deploy twice, so that’s not the case yet), creation, pushing to master branch and pushing the tag should be happening within a second or so.

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Makes sense. Until this is resolved, a workaround to make this more reliable might be to insert a short wait between the first event that creates the workflow and the second event that adds a tag/branch to it.

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Yep, we’ll do that. Do you think a minute is enough ?

Yes, I believe so.
It’s a little hard to be more certain because I’m not sure what guarantees GitHub+AWS gives us about the precise timing of requests coming in, but I think a minute will help and certainly could not hurt.