How to remove duplicate workflows

I have personal dockstore account (non organization) synched with my github account. I registered one of my git repo under dockstore workflow, but ended up seeing two workflows with the same name and version also one of the workflow name repeated. The workflow with single name not get updated for a while but the workflow with the redundant name updated as latest git commits.

  1. NPM-sample-qc
  2. NPM-sample-qc/NPM-sample-qc

I want to remove the workflow NPM-sample-qc in dockstore not just unpublish. I don’t find Restub link at the info tab

The .dockstore.yml present only in branch feature/metrics-fix of NPM-sample-qc

version: 1.2
  - name: NPM-sample-qc
    subclass: nfl
    primaryDescriptorPath: /nextflow.config
    publish: True


manifest {
  name = 'npm-sample-qc'
  author = 'Justin Jeyakani, Mar Gonzalez-Porta, Maxime HEBRARD, Rodrigo Toro, Nicolas Bertin'
  homePage = ''
  description = 'Nextflow NPM-sample-qc analysis pipeline, part of the GHIF community.'
  mainScript = ''
  nextflowVersion = '>=22.04.0'
  version = '0.7.0'

Appreciate any solution to fix!


Hi Justin,

Thanks for using Dockstore! I can understand about the confusion of having multiple workflows show up.

Unfortunately the method that you linked only works for workflows added using legacy synchronization, and not GitHub apps.

That being said when you unpublish a workflow it will only be visible to you. We definitely understand it can be annoying to have both workflows in your Dockstore interface and are evaluating adding deletion as a feature.

You can follow the ticket here, feel free to add more about your specific use case: Support deleting unpublished tools/workflows · Issue #1201 · dockstore/dockstore · GitHub


Thanks for your prompt reply David. Hope the team manage to include the deletion feature.

Hi David,
Follow up on the issue of having two (github hosted/linked) workflows registered.
I currently have two registered workflows:

  1. NPM-sample-qc
  2. NPM-sample-qc/NPM-sample-qc

I cannot figure out why there is 2 entries on dockstore while it linked to the same github repo ?

Also the workflow (1) “NPM-sample-qc” has the desired name but do not sync with github since (20) days… Do you have some insight into why the sync would not work anymore ?

Lastly, the workflow (2) “NPM-sample-qc/NPM-sample-qc”, although proprerly synced with github, is named with [repo]/[repo] which is not desirable. Do you have any insight into how dosckstore chose the name of the workflow to display ?