How to set docker registry to a standard url?

I was unable to register a Tool because our docker image was on a hub that we run ourselves ( I saw that Amazon ECR was supported, which was something we might move to anyway, so I went ahead and retooled our repo to target a new ECR repo.

But now that doesn’t work either because there is a very aggressive sanity check that doesn’t work with a public ECR url. Example:

It appears the sanity checks are also enforced with the CLI client? Docker image locations are designed to be plain URLs so that tooling can be standardized. How do I set the url for an image in the generic/standard way?

Hi Peter,

Thank you for letting us know about this issue. We will re-evaluate tool registration using Amazon ECR and relax the sanity checks. In the mean time, you can try registering this tool as a one-step workflow instead. I have created Relax rules for Amazon ECR tools · Issue #4283 · dockstore/dockstore · GitHub to track this issue.

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