Lost ownership of tools

Hi there,

I recently consolidated GitHub accounts, previously I had ownership of a set of tools. The same email is associated with the new Github account, but when logging in I can’t see the tools I used to own.
I have also linked the google account associated with the same email address. Is there any way to retrieve/change ownership now the owning account seems to be lost?

Dockstore doesn’t currently have features to allow migration between GitHub accounts, even if they have the same email. GitHub uniquely identifies accounts and we follow best practices by using authentication data from them.

At this time we ask that you add the tools to your new account and unpublish the tools from your previous account.

In the case all of your tools are hosted on quay.io, you can associate quay with your new account and click “Refresh All”. This will make the tools available in your new account.

In recent releases we have been improving our features around managing shared work across organizations. Another option for users who might run into a similar issue is to store their tools and workflows under a GitHub organization, as opposed to an individual account. This will allow you to easily manage multiple GitHub accounts within that organization.

Hope that helps!

Ok, no problem. I am part of the same GitHub organisation as the lost user. I am however finding other (assumingly) linked problems. I’m trying to link Quay.io to my Dockstore account and I get an error message after accepting the link authorisation request:

[HTTP 500] OK: could not execute statement ERROR: duplicate key value violates unique constraint “one_token_link_per_identify” Detail: Key (username, tokensource)=(drjsanger, quay.io) already exists.

There are no existing authorisations in the Quay.io account, so I assume there;s an entry for my older account? Is there a way to remove this so I can actually use my new account? The old Github user no longer exists to login to Dockstore and remove the link.

Thanks for pasting that helpful error! We were able to reset the quay.io token linked to the previous account. This should let you link it to your new account, please let us know if you have any trouble!