Manual upload of CWL workflow from zip file


I once posted with this discussion but we have since moved to an alternative method for workflow deployment.

We have started deploying workflows through a GitHub release (triggered by a git tag that triggers GitHub actins), see Release dragen-pon-qc/3.9.3__1673314733 · umccr/cwl-ica ( as an example.

I would like to know if there’s an easy way to go from zip file (one of the outputs of this release) to Dockstore? Or would the best way be via API?

My understanding is that you wish to publish workflows to Dockstore that have been packed by some process like sbpack or cwlpack and attached to the release.

What I would suggest is using a github action (or some other form of CI) to push (on release) to the packed CWL file to a directory that has been hooked up to our github app ( Dockstore GitHub App — Dockstore documentation )

A couple examples of projects that use this approach would be GitHub - galaxyproject/iwc: Intergalactic Workflow Commission which uploads to various repos in GitHub - galaxyproject/iwc: Intergalactic Workflow Commission after their processes using a bot user and Broad WARP project which also has a CI process before a release Introducing WARP: A collection of cloud-optimized... - Kylee Degatano - BOSC - Talk - ISMB/ECCB 2021 - YouTube