Organization mismatch if GitHub App installed in separate namespace

We are demultiplexing workflows from a central repository (GitHub - galaxyproject/iwc: Intergalactic Workflow Commission) to individual repositories in a github organization (iwc-workflows · GitHub). When querying api/api/ga4gh/v2/tools we see that the organization field is set to iwc-workflows, when it should probably be iwc.

Those workflows are listed under the iwc organization, so this is a little odd.
Do you think it would be possible to link these up on the dockstore side, or would you recommend that we rename the organization to iwc-workflows to match the github namespace ?


If I understand correctly, I think there is a misunderstanding about the Dockstore organization Dockstore The Dockstore organization is not directly tied to github (since an organization may contain workflows from bitbucket or gitlab for example) and doesn’t have ownership over the workflows that are collected (since a workflow may be used by multiple organizations, for example a lab, grant agency, international consortia). So the Dockstore organization doesn’t factor into the naming scheme of the workflow in TRS.

Instead, only the source control organization, repo name, and optional workflow name show up in TRS, which is why you see that the organization field is set to iwc-workflows which matches iwc-workflows · GitHub.

I think I would like to ask why you want to line them up because that may influence what we recommend.

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Thanks @dyuen,

that clarifies a few things, I wasn’t aware that workflows can be in multiple dockstore organizations.

The other piece of the puzzle is that we had a regex that was too strict, which meant we didn’t find anything for ?organization=iwc-workflows. So I think this all fine then.

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