Organization workflow list is not consistent for members

My organization has multiple members who are all setup the same way, yet some of them do not see all organization workflows. Others have experienced inconsistencies in the workflows that they can see. There does not seem to be any pattern to which workflows are not visible.

All the workflows in the organization are propagated to Dockstore via the GitHub app and all members have access to the GitHub organization as well and accounts are linked.

Any idea why this might be happening and how to fix it?


As a first step, I would ask each member that’s encountering inconsistencies to click the Discover Existing Dockstore Workflows button as documented in How do I add other users as maintainers of a workflow. When workflows are added to an organization by a user that is not the logged-in user, the logged-in user will not automatically see the new workflow. The logged-in user must click this button to be able to view the new workflow in the My Workflows page.


Thank you for the quick response. That button did solve the problem.