Organizations and Collections

Organizations are landing pages for collaborations, institutions, consortiums, companies, etc. that allow users to showcase tools and workflows. This is achieved through the creation of collections, which are groupings of related tools and workflows. The users of an organization do not need to own the tools or workflows in any way; the tools and workflows just have to be published. Collections can be thought of as a playlist on a music streaming service where tools and workflows are analogous to individual songs. They can be shared publicly, and the user does not need to own them.

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How does one change their organizational details and update their logo/name?

You can update metadata for an organization if you are an admin or maintainer of an organization. If you go to your organization page and you are an admin or maintainer you should see a ‘pen’ icon to the right that will allow you to edit the information.

But this doesn’t allow me to change their logo or name. How does one change the logo or name as the admin or maintainer?

It’s a little confusing, there are two pen icons. The latter one lets you edit the organization description, the former will bring up a dialogue that lets you edit the logo among other things.

It doesn’t let you edit the name or display name yet, but if you let us know which organization you’re a part of we can change the name and display name for you. Do note that changing the name will change the URL for the organization as well.

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OK, I missed the link to the logo image. I can do that. I don’t want to change the actual name, just the display name. The name should stay Theiagen and the url should stay Dockstore, but I would like the display name to change from “Theiagen Consulting LLC” to “Theiagen Genomics”. So if I can get the display name changed to “Theiagen Genomics” while leaving the name “Theiagen” and the url Dockstore, please go ahead and do that. Thanks so much for your help!

I’ve changed this for you, thanks!