Possible problem using hyphen when initially uploading WDL from git

I was having trouble doing the initial upload of workflows from a git repo to Dockstore using the syncing feature. The configurations from the git repo seemed to be correct. After a lucky guess, I replaced all the hyphens in my dockstore.yml names to underscores, also the corresponding workflows were renamed as well in the repository. Pushing these changes made the workflows viewable in my Dockstore account.

This is no longer a problem for me but I wanted to share in case someones else comes across the same problem. I’m not sure if hyphens were the real problem here because I’ve worked with workflows using hyphens in the names previously in Dockstore. Link to git repo


It’s likely that a push event was needed for Dockstore to sync your workflows. Push events are only captured by Dockstore after installing the GitHub app onto your repository. It may have been the case that the GitHub app was installed onto your repo, but you did not push any changes after the installation so the workflows did not sync. When you pushed your change to replace the hyphens, Dockstore captured this event and synced the workflows.

An easy way to see what was happening is to
check the GitHub Apps logs for that repository.