Removing an unpublished workflow

How can I remove my own unpublished workflow??


The answer depends on the type of workflow.

  • Is it hosted (stored directly on Dockstore)?
  • Is it remote (comes from GitHub, BitBucket, or GitLab)?
  • If remote, did you add with .dockstore.yml or not?

Let me know, and I can provide more detail.

It is remote (a github repository). First I didn’t use .dockstore.yml and added a workflow (wf1). Then I created a .dockstore.yml in the repo adding another workflow from the same repo (wf2). Now I want to remove wf1 and keep wf2.

First see if you can restub the workflow you want to delete.

  • Go to My Workflows and select the workflow you want to get rid of
  • Click the Restub button/link on the far right of the Info tab

If you can do that, you then need to delete the workflow with the API:

  • Go to Account (in the dropdown after your name), and click the Copy button next to the Dockstore token; that will put your Dockstore token in the clipboard
  • On the footer of the page, click “API”, next to 1.10.0 – that will open a new tab with the Swagger for our API
  • Click the Authorize button, and paste the token from your clipboard
  • Navigate to, and click Try it Out
  • Enter the correct values for the 3 fields, and click execute.

We should make this easier in our UI, but since you’re the only one who can see it, it hasn’t been pressing.


Thank you so much. It worked. I wouldn’t be able to guess this complicated process at all :slight_smile: