Reprocess GitHub app events that were ignored

Several push events in GitHub were ignored in Dockstore because “This event was ignored because a subsequent event was processed instead.” But the tags associated with those push events are not appearing as workflow versions.

Pushing additional commits has not caused the versions to appear in Dockstore.

Is there any way to force re-processing of those GitHub deliveries to create the version? The delivery ids are:

  • 2ddd1f68-c77e-11ee-86c8-374f1d314f0a
  • 2decf500-c77e-11ee-9402-df022ca0e62e
  • 2df3e59a-c77e-11ee-8f58-955b94a9c25a

I attempted to invoke the /workflows/github/release API directly leaving the “after” property of the payload null. But I do not have permission to do so.


I have manually re-processed those GitHub deliveries that you identified using the /workflows/github/release API. This endpoint can only be invoked by Dockstore admins. You should see those versions on Dockstore now.

We have identified a problem with the push event processing for annotated GitHub tags. A GitHub issue was created and we are working on a fix. Unfortunately, we don’t have an estimated release date for the fix yet, but we will keep you updated.


Thank you for reprocessing those.

Most of the tags we create are annotated tags and we have not had any problems with them. Is there some specific condition that must exist in the annotated tag for it to cause the issue? Just want to make sure I understand how to workaround.

We recently deployed a new release to Dockstore on February 8th. In the release, we tried to address a case where tags were being created, deleted, and re-created rapidly, but in the process, we introduced a bug where annotated tags are not processed at all. You can see more details in the PR that introduced the change if you’re interested.

We’re currently working on a hotfix, but in the meantime, the workaround is to use lightweight tags.

Discovered another tag push that was ignored. Can you also please reprocess delivery id 22f910c0-c765-11ee-8230-2f44c9ee2c74. Thank you!

Hi, I’ve reprocessed the push event specified by that delivery ID. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any other ignored tag push events that you would like to be re-processed :slight_smile:

We’re currently testing the hotfix and hope to have it deployed very soon. I’ll let you know when the fix is deployed to production.

Hi, we have deployed the hotfix to production, so the annotated tags issue should be fixed now. Please let us know if this issue arises for you again.

Thanks for your patience!