"This WDL has no content" error

I have two workflows in different repositories that I’ve run successfully in AnVIL. However, after merging my test branch into “main”, the “Launch with” button for any platform is unclickable and shows an error “This WDL has no content.” I don’t understand what’s wrong; how can I make these workflows launch-able again?

I tried forking the repo and I think the issue is formatting of the JSON file seems to be breaking the update somehow. Try copying this change Update projected_admixture.json · denis-yuen/basic_admixture@ea1703b · GitHub

Edit to add: you can also debug via the app logs button which should bring up a dialog that looks like the following

I fixed the JSON; the problem remains

Is there any message in the app logs?

Edit to add: One other thing that I did differently, what happens if you create a tag instead of only updating “main”? (sorry for the debugging)

No log message recently. Adding a tag works; and I previously saw that adding another branch works; it’s just the “main” branch that fails to launch for this workflow (but is fine for the other workflow in the same repository).

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Thanks, we’re going to have to take a closer/longer look at this, there is something strange going on but it is good to hear we have a temporary workaround at least.

We’ve created Updates to github app branch seem to fail and/or are non-independent · Issue #5673 · dockstore/dockstore · GitHub for tracking this issue