Unclear error message from dockstore cli for missing value in yaml file during validation

I got this message when validating my yaml which was very unclear.

> dockstore yaml validate --path .
Current version : 1.13.1
You have the most recent stable release.
If you wish to upgrade to the latest unstable version, please use the following command:
   dockstore --upgrade-unstable
./.dockstore.yml is a valid yaml file
08:18:18.296 [main] ERROR io.dockstore.client.cli.ArgumentUtility - java.lang.NullPointerException
        at io.dockstore.client.cli.YamlVerifyUtility.allFilesExist(YamlVerifyUtility.java:89)
        at io.dockstore.client.cli.YamlVerifyUtility.dockstoreValidate(YamlVerifyUtility.java:180)
        at io.dockstore.client.cli.YamlClient.handleCommand(YamlClient.java:73)
        at io.dockstore.client.cli.Client.run(Client.java:729)
        at io.dockstore.client.cli.Client.main(Client.java:633)

It truns out my yaml had an empty parameter; all I needed to do was remove it (testParameterFiles).

- name: MyWorkflow
  subclass: wdl
  primaryDescriptorPath: /Path/to/myworkflow.wdl

It took me a while to understand why since dockstore site was fine with empty parameters. So, it would be great if dockstore cli could clearly the reason for this failure.


Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I’ve created a GitHub issue to implement your suggestion: CLI yaml validator should have a better error message if a property is empty · Issue #5401 · dockstore/dockstore · GitHub.


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