Publish button disabled despite fixing an initially invalid descriptor file

Similar to the issue at Unable to get Publish button to become active , I am having trouble publishing my new workflow. The workflow in question is at .

The workflow validates offline using womtool and is properly listed in the Files section at the link above. However, no checkmark appears in the Valid column in the Versions tab.

I wonder if the problem stems from having first committed a workflow that was indeed broken and then subsequently fixing the syntax error in the WDL. I did have to make some additional commits to the workflow to fix these errors. Perhaps the files got automatically updated but the validity of the workflow wasn’t? Just a guess, but unfortunately I’m unable to see any errors or logs to get more insight into what might be causing the problem.

Do you have any suggestions on how to clear this error and get the workflow published?


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Hi Kiran,

I was able to reproduce the issue and can confirm that it appears to be a bug with validation after you’ve fixed the WDL issue (bug report made at

A workaround to make it publishable in the meantime would be to create a new branch or tag from your latest (fixed) commit, that way Dockstore will automatically create a fresh version which should be valid & publishable.


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