Releasing the dockstore CLI version 1.13.0-rc.0

I noticed that there is the 1.13.0-rc.0 tag[1], but the dockstore version 1.13.0-rc.0 is not released to the releases page[2] yet.

Could you release it? Then we can install it by dockstore --upgrade-unstable. Because we want to use the .dockstore YAML validator on the version, Yaml Command Line Validator Tool - #2 by junaruga.

As an alternative way to use dockstore yaml command, I built on the dockstore/dockstoer-cli the latest develop branch f3cc66e95f4f7daf6c1392b15433de9ae9b29807, seeing, as follows. Then how use the dockstore command I built?

$ pwd
$ sudo dnf install git-secrets
$ ./mvnw clean install


  • [1]
  • [2]

I’ve uploaded these files at Release 1.13.0-rc.0 · dockstore/dockstore-cli · GitHub

As with Yaml Command Line Validator Tool - #4 by dyuen , note that this release should be considered unstable and has not been fully tested. However, thanks for trying it out!

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Thanks! I can see the dockstore yaml validate command in the released 1.13.0-rc.0 works well!

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